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Wool + Maple Lamp 27"

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Wool + Maple Lamp 27"


Handwoven wool over maple wood.

Emits a warm, subtly room-filling light that's great to fall asleep to, or to illuminate a dark corner. Hang it on the wall using the keyhole slot on the back, or lay it flat on a bookshelf, mantlepiece, or desk.

Includes a brass touch-sensitive switch at the base. A single touch will turn it on or off, and a long touch will dim it. These lamps are startlingly bright in a dark bedroom, so the dimmer comes in handy at bedtime!

3' cord with a tiny, inconspicuous wall plug at the end. The cord is not wired into the lamp, so it can easily be extended, or replaced if damaged.

This lamp consumes less than 3 watts of electricity, the LED lights inside are rated for 50,000 hours of use, and produces no heat.

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