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Spring Sale Jurying

PHG Spring Fiber Art Sale Jurying

IMPORTANT: Read the following instructions before proceeding.

Make your browser window as large as possible, preferably fullscreen.

There are four images per artist in the slideshow below. Each is labeled with the artist "name" (Artist 1, Artist 2, etc.) in the bottom left corner, along with the description provided by the artist. Navigate through the images using the arrows at either side of the slideshow or the thumbnails just below the pictures.

Below the pictures is the voting area. View the images, then scroll down and select the rating that best fits your viewpoint of each artist's work.

Some artists requested jury feedback. Please comment briefly in the boxes below the scoring.

Artist 1
Artist 2
Artist 3
Artist 4
Artist 5
Artist 6
Artist 7
Artist 8
Artist 9
Artist 10